2017 Awards & Results


Category Name & Number First Second Third
Lyrical Solo 15-16 Category #19B Gillian Jardim Kathy Nguyen Madyson Parsons
Hip Hop Solo 12 & under Category #27 Drew Nixon Mason Johal Brianna Onstein
Modern Solo 13-15 Category #15A Lola Clare Madyson Parsons Elledae Armstrong
Jazz Solo 9 & under Category #1A Nolan Robinson Grace Robinson Talulah Mackereth
Contemporary Solo 12-13 Category #17A Lola Clare Karlie Fudger Erin Axelson
Pointe Solo 13-18 Category #24 Jordan Scott Aoife Tighe Emily Jack
Song & Dance Solo 12 & under Category #6 Taylor Jackson Payton Prevost Alivia Ciccone
Jazz 12 & Under Category #30 Emotion – Close your Eyes Emotion – Classic Dance Unlimited – Pop Drop & Roll
Modern/Contemporary Group Category #33 Contemporary Collective – Dark Road Contemporary Collective – Washed not Wasted E-Motion – Comes in Waves
Small Group 12 & under (Ballet/Mod/Contemp/Ethnic) Category #31A Contemporary Collective – The Fool’s Quest Contemporary Collective – Unsteady Contemporary Collective – Chi Mai
Hip Hop Group Category #43 E-Motion – Formation Dance Unlimited – Peace, Love, Hustlin’ Contemporary Collective – Calling All My Girls
Small Group 13-25 (Jazz/HH/S&D/Nov/Tap) Category #34A Contemporary Collective – Heart to Stone E-Motion – One Woman Army Dance Unlimited – OMG
Modern Solo 16-18 Category #15B Bailey Rae Nicole Lofroth Sarah Jepson
Lyrical Solo 12 Category #18B Shula Peden Nathania-Marie Cam Brianna Onstein
Lyrical Solo 17-18 Category #19C Sarah Jepsen Jordan Scott Kennedy Gill
Classical Ballet Solo 10 & under Category #20A Cruz Rochon Nolan Robinson Laura Fudger
Demi Character Solo 13-18 Category #23 Jordan Scott Sarah Jepsen Sarah Armstrong
Duets 12 & under (Acro/Jazz/Variety) Category #12 Catherine Phuong & Ruby Ferlaino Amy Hill & Cassidy Kawaguchi Darrah Bowles & Brianna Onstein
Jazz Solo 10 Category #1B Ava Allen Cassidy Kawaguchi Payden Reinert
Hip Hop 15-18 Category #28B Hailey Cox Olivia Nixon Kennedy Gill
Jazz Solo 11 & 12 Category #2 Nathania-Marie Cam Taylor Jackson Braya Kruss
Novelty Solo 13-18 Category #5 Lola Clare Sarah Armstrong Gianna Evans
Musical Theatre Solo 12 & under Category #8 Jyllian Lussier Payton Prevost Arianna Dahl
Song & Dance Solo 13-18 Category #7 Lola Clouthier Gianna Evans Briana Simms
Classical Ballet Group Category #38 Dance Unlimited – Wild Flowers E-Motion – Vivaloi E-Motion – Ignite
Small Group 12 & under (Tap/Jazz/S&D) Category #31B
Lyrical Group Category #42 Contemporary Collective – Go Your Own Way Contemporary Collective – Between the Lines E-Motion – Daughters
Tap Group Category #35 E-Motion – Certainly E-Motion – Let’s Nacho
Contemporary Solo 17-18 Category #17D Emily Jack Tylie Wong Jordan Scott
Jazz solo 13-15 Category #3A Madyson Parsons Zosia Stevenson Lola Clare
Classical Ballet Solo 11 & 12 Category #20B Nathania-Marie Cam Bronwen Bennett Braya Kluss
Tap Solo 13-18 Category #11 Katrina Duong Kathy Nguyen Lola Clare
Musical Theatre Solo 13-18 Category #9 Lola Clare Gianna Evans Lola Clouthier
Lyrical Solo 11 & under Category #18A Taylor Jackson Brynn Wolfe Nolan Robinson
Contemporary Solo 14-15 Category #17B Madyson Parsons Sophia Franco Brianna Lancaster
Demi Character Solo 12 & under Category #22 Taylor Jackson Cassidy Kawaguchi Bronwen Bennett
Acrobatics Solo 13-18 Category #26 Bailey Rae Emily Strand Addie Pottle
Classical Ballet Solo 13-18 Category #21 Gillian Jardim Nicole Lofroth Madyson Parsons
Novelty Groups Category #36 & 37 E-Motion – Wedding or Not E-Motion – Pete’s Dragon Dance Unlimited – It’s Organic
Demi Character Ballet Group Category #39 E-Motion – My Fair Ballerina Dance Unlimited – Garden of Eden Contemporary Collective – Stormy Seas
Small Group 13-25 Category #34B Contemporary Collective – Piece by Piece E-Motion – Love Intervenes Contemporary Collective – Web
Acrobatic Group Category #44 Dance Unlimited – Runnin’ E-Motion – White Out E-Motion – Faded
Novelty Solo 12 & under Category #4 Taylor Jackson Faith Long Nathania Cam
Contemporary Solo 16 Category #17C Bailey Rae Theresa Moolman Gillian Jardim
Lyrical Solo 13-14 Category #19A Zosia Stevenson Lola Clare Karlie Fudger
Duets 13-18 Category #13 Lola Clare & Madyson Parsons Hannah Graham & Gillian Jardim Gianna Evans & Jade Rothwell
Tap Solo 12 & under Category #10 Bronwen Bennett Catherine Phuong Joran Rysstad
Hip Hop 13-14 Category #28A Lola Clare Hannah Graham Ruby Ferlaino
Acrobatics Solo 12 & under Category #25 Katie Van Sienna Lomba & Tallulah Mackereth Keira Gurszki
Jazz Solo 16-18 Category #3B Gillian Jardim Bailey Rae Paige Bowles
Song & Dance/Musical Theatre 12 & under Category #40 Dance Unlimited – Medley from Pajama Game E-Motion – School Song Dance Unlimited – There will be Some Changes Made
Jazz Group 13 & up Category #32 E-Motion – New Drop Style Contemporary Collective – Love Shack Dance Unlimited – Greenback Boogie
Song & Dance/Musical Theatre 13-25 Category #41 E-Motion – Medley from Hamilton Dance Unlimited – Seasons of Love