2022 Performing Arts B.C. Association of Regional Festivals Information

June 5th to June 9th, 2022
in Cranbrook, BC
As a member of the Performing Arts BC, BCADC sends the most promising dancers to participate in the annual BC Provincial Festival.

We the (B.C. Annual Dance Competition) are a member of Performing Arts B.C. along with 32 other festivals. Each member is able to send promising participants. The best of the best gather to attend master classes, coaching, workshops, and technique classes as well as to compete. Provincials are hosted by a different regional festival each year-this year it is in Cranbrook from June 5th – June 9th.

For dance, there are three categories: Ballet, Stage and Modern. There are three age groups: Junior (10-12), intermediate (15 and under) and senior (20 and under). In order to qualify, the dancer must perform two contrasting solos in the genre and receive a mark of 85 or higher. Within each genre, there are also rules and regulations. The entire syllabus can be found at www.bcprovincials.com

Dancers interested in being considered for Provincials must complete and submit a form. Prince Rupert is the last Festival to qualify to send participant and there are literally only hours from when the dancers are chosen to the deadline for registering. Any dancer who expressed interest in Provincials and qualified will be considered. The adjudicators make the choices among the names (dancers) presented to them. BCADC eligibility requirements has dancers living the northwest being eligible first for consideration. Dancers from outside the northwest will be consider based on their proximity to Prince Rupert.

The adjudicators choose two dancers for each of the age groups for each of the genres. They also choose a Merited Participant which also serves as the Alternate. The Merited Participant does perform a solo and this person becomes a delegate if the chosen delegate is unable to attend. There are occasions that there are eligible candidates but the adjudicators have chosen not to send a delegate.

All decisions of provincial participants are made completed by the adjudicators.

Did you know that the Jazz Productions Association Board does not chose the Provincial delegates?

The adjudicators choose the dancers who will attend Provincials. JPA Directors ensure that the dancers have met Provincial category eligibility requirements only.

Did you know that the Festival is more than a Competition?

It is – dancers also participate in workshops.

Did you know that the location of the Festival changes each year?

It does. It was even held here in Prince Rupert one year. We will update our site when we know the 2019 Provincial dates and location.

The Provincials have their own rules and regulations that must be met by the dancers.

Their syllabus can be found at www.bcprovincials.com/syllabus.aspx – please ensure that your dancer meets the specific rules for his/her category.

In previous years, you needed only to check a box on the entry form in order for your dancer to be considered for Provincials. The process has changed in order to be more efficient. The afternoon that the adjudicators choose the dancers, specific information is required from the dancer’s parent and the dancer must be registered online- all in the same day. If you would like your dancer to be considered for Provincials, please download the Pre-registration form, complete and return by email. The form is fillable – you do not need to print it. Just download, open, fill in, save and return to jpaprovincials@gmail.com. If you have any questions, please email the same address.